Under the rental settings the first part of the Viewings section is the Wait List—a useful tool when the rental is not yet ready for viewings, but you still want to begin advertising it to garner interest from tenant leads. You can also turn the Wait List on once you have an approved applicant and want to stop viewings before fully deactivating the rental.

While the Wait List is ON, Tenant Turner will gather all the interested tenant leads and inform them that the rental isn’t ready to view yet. Tenant leads will not be able to request or schedule viewings while the Wait List is ON, but they will be able to pre-qualify.

Tip: Add a custom Wait List message to help inform leads of rental status and set expectations!

When the rental is ready to accept viewings, come back to the rental settings and switch the Wait List to OFF.

Interested leads will have been queued up for you, and we will automatically email the leads who prequalified within the past 14 days and invite them to schedule a viewing!

Note: If you have any Viewings scheduled before you turn on the Wait List, you'll need to cancel or reschedule those Viewings individually.  

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