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An option for active rentals when you need to pause showing availability

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Under the rental settings, the first part of the Viewings Methods section is the Wait List—a useful tool when you'd like to advertise the rental, but it's not currently available for viewings.

While the Wait List is ON, Tenant Turner will gather all the interested tenant leads and inform them that the rental isn’t ready to view. Tenant leads will not be able to request or schedule viewings while the Wait List is ON, but they will be able to pre-qualify. Below is a screenshot of the landing page the lead will see once they enter their pre-qualification information:

There are 3 common use cases for the Wait List:

1. A new rental is Coming Soon: for example, the rental may be getting touch-up repairs done and is not yet ready for viewings, but you want to start advertising!

  • When you're activating the rental, select the KEEP IT ON option.

  • Select the reason: Coming Soon.

  • A field will appear to the right. Here, you can set the date when the Wait List will automatically turn off.

  • You're required to set up a Viewing Method (either in-person or self-access viewings) so leads have a way to see the rental once the Wait List turns off.

Tip: Add a custom Wait List message to help set expectations with your leads!

2. An Application is Pending: when you have an approved applicant and want to stop viewings before fully deactivating the rental.

  • Turn on the Wait List and select the reason: Application Pending.

  • If the applicant works out, you can deactivate the rental and send a message suggesting other rentals to the list of interested leads.

  • If the applicant falls through, you have a list of interested leads waiting for you! Just turn the wait list off, and Tenant Turner will email the leads who prequalified within the past 14 days and invite them to schedule a viewing.

3. Generic Wait List: You need to temporarily pause showings for some other reason (i.e., an unexpected water leak or a storm).

  • If you need to pause showings for any other reason, use the generic "Wait List" reason.

  • We strongly recommend adding a custom message so new leads know what's going on.

Cancel Upcoming Viewings

In some cases, you may need to also cancel any currently-scheduled viewings. Slide the "Cancel Upcoming Viewings" toggle on if you'd like us to send a message to leads and cancel those viewings all at once.

Hide Application Link

Don't want leads to apply while the rental is on the wait list? Slide the "Hide Application" toggle on. This will hide the application link on the Tenant Turner listings widget and property list pages.

When the rental is ready to accept viewings again, come back to the rental settings and switch the Wait List to OFF. Tenant Turner will email the leads who prequalified within the past 14 days and invite them to schedule a viewing.

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