(Note: Only users who have an Administrator profile access will be able to change the Account Settings.)

Click Account from the main menu to access account settings, billing information, and listing information.


  1. Company Information - Settings for company name, address, phone number, city, state and zip code. A company logo may also be uploaded.
  2. Feeds & Imports - Here you can set a Default Portfolio. This will automatically assign all rentals that are imported to the user you select.  You can always change who the rental is assigned to on each individual rental. You also have the option to set the default deposit equal to 1 month's rent in this section.
  3. Lead Calls - Your tenant leads can call 24/7 and receive a text message to schedule a viewing on their own. If callers would like to speak to someone instead we will forward them to the phone number in the user settings of the user assigned to the rental. If they are calling for any reason other than to schedule a viewing we will forward them to the phone number set here.
  4. Restrictions - These are the standard pre-qualifying criteria questions that will be asked to all tenant leads. If you're setting up your restrictions for the first time, check out this article for more information. 
  5. Viewings - These settings describe the method by which the account shows its rentals: via self-access, via in-person showings, or both. If you're setting up your viewings for the first time, check out this article for more information. 
  6. Fees & Applications - Includes the application fee and any additional processing or administrative fees that are charged to prospective tenants, plus the link to any online application form that is used for tenants who have met the qualifying criteria.  
  7. Reports - Set the date and time you'd like to automatically send the Owner Report.  The Owner Report can be optionally sent on a rental by rental basis. 

See and update billing information as well as any payment history. 

Listing Information
Your Tenant Turner Listing Information is used when creating new listings inside the backend property management software, to ensure that calls and leads are routed through Tenant Turner. You can also get links to your listings page and the listings widget to embed into your website.

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