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Where you can control rental information, syndication and viewings settings on a rental by rental basis!

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The Settings page for a rental easily guides you through the steps to activate the rental and configure rental information, syndication sites (if Tenant Turner is handling your syndication) and viewing settings. This page also allows you to have visibility into imported data that we are receiving from your data source.

Utilize the left-hand navigation to easily jump between sections on the Rental Settings page.


In the Status section you can reference the current rental status and set the assigned user for the rental.


In the Marketing section, you'll see the rental details we pull from your data source. For some, that's your property management software. For others, that's your website.

  • Grey fields show imported fields that cannot be edited in Tenant Turner. If you wanted to change a value in a grey fields, you'd have to edit it wherever you input your rental information (i.e., your property management software). That change would then update in Tenant Turner upon the next import.

  • Open fields are editable in Tenant Turner and will save once you activate the rental. These fields allow you to fill in any additional information that we may not be getting from your data source.

Rental photos and videos can be viewed under the "Visuals" header and you can even customize the amenities and utilities in your rental ads if you're syndicating from Tenant Turner so you can showcase desirable features such as in-unit laundry, heating and cooling, parking, and more!

Control which listing sites a particular rental should be sent to if Tenant Turner is handling your syndication. This gives you the flexibility to to select sites on a rental by rental basis to help with your marketing efforts and expenses.


In the Qualifying section, you can double check that the rental's qualifying restrictions are set appropriately and make any necessary changes to the qualifying criteria.


In the Viewing section, you can configure the rental's appropriate viewing methods (i.e. self-access, in-person or a combination of both).

Application & Fees

In the Applications & Fees section, you can reference the application link we are importing in from your data source or include a direct application link. This is the link we will send to leads after a completed viewing. Note: If you have added an Application Override link under your Account Settings that link will override the Rental Settings application link.

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