Add a CodeBox lockbox

As an administrative user in Tenant Turner, you are able to add a CodeBox lockbox to your account that was previously removed because it was lost, damaged or simply out of use.

To add a CodeBox to your account inventory, go to the CodeBox tab on the Access page of your Tenant Turner account and click the orange plus button in the top right corner of your screen. Add in the lockbox serial number and your master shackle, admin and door code. Click Save!

Delete a CodeBox lockbox

If you no longer need the CodeBox lockbox in your account inventory due to damage or any other reason, an administrative user can remove it completely from your account.

As an administrative user go to the CodeBox tab on the Access page of your Teant Turner account and click Settings under the appropriate serial number. Then, click the small trash in he bottom right of the CodeBox lockbox settings page. Note: If you do not see the trash can button, you may need to first Unassign the CodeBox lockbox, then repeat the steps above.

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