When an application link is not added into the Tenant Turner system, you will instead have the option to run a light background check for your tenant leads.

To initiate a background check for a tenant lead follow the steps below:

1.Click "Run background check" from a lead's record page.

2. Click "Start Background Screening"

3. Tenant Turner emails the lead asking them to complete the background check.

3. Once the lead clicks "Apply" to begin the background check they are prompted to pay the $40 background check fee in Tenant Turner.

4. Lead then answers the questions necessary to run the background check.

5. Tenant Turner sends the data to RentPrep and the "In Progress" status will appear on the lead's record page in Tenant Turner.

6. RentPrep runs the background check and returns a link to the completed background check report to Tenant Turner.

7. Tenant Turner will then display the link to the completed report under the lead's record page in Tenant Turner and will notify you via an email notification that the report is complete.

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