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Lead flow: Online listing
Lead flow: Online listing

Here's what the full lead cycle looks like from the time the lead inquires online to when they arrive at the showing.

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When a lead inquires about one of your properties on a listing site, they will follow the below path:

Step 1: Once they have entered their contact information on the listing site, they will be sent an email from Tenant Turner inviting them to schedule.

Please note: If the lead does not take action within the first 48 hours of this notification being sent, Tenant Turner will then send a follow up notification.

Step 2: Once the lead clicks on the "Schedule" button from the email they receive, they will then be taken through the pre-qualification questions set up by you and your team for the property.

Step 3: If the lead's answers deem them to be "qualified", they will then be taken to a screen sharing the dates and times available to view the property for the next two weeks.

Note: If the lead's answers deem them to be "unqualified", they will be taken to a screen telling them they do not qualify to move forward with scheduling. They are given examples of what could be the reason that they did not qualify but we do not provide them with the specifics. On the lead dashboard in your Tenant Turner account, you will be able see the specific reason for why a lead was disqualified as well as their answers to the pre-qualification questions. You may choose to manually unarchive them if you wish to allow them to move forward with scheduling.

Step 4: Once the appointment has been set, the lead will receive notifications via email and text message as well as receiving a calendar invite. The date and time of the appointment as well as the address of the property will be included in these notifications.

Please review the image below to view the whole process from start to finish! Would you like to utilize this image for marketing purpose or to show to leads? Feel free to use the PDF link below to download!

PDF (downloadable link)

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