How to Transition from ShowMojo to Tenant Turner

When you create your new Tenant Turner account, we’ll purchase a local phone number and create a new email address so all of your tenant leads are funneled into your new account automatically. We’ll work with you to import your listings, decide the best syndication configuration, and you'll have access to create the appropriate users for account access.


If you have CodeBox lockboxes that need to transfer from ShowMojo to Tenant Turner, you’ll need to cancel your ShowMojo account first. Before you cancel, make note of which CodeBoxes are at which rentals so that, once the transfer is complete, you can assign to the correct CodeBox serial # to the correct rental in Tenant Turner. Note: You can submit a transfer request to have your lockboxes transferred into Tenant Turner from the Add-ons page of your account. The transfer will take at least 7-days to complete. Review this article for more information on a CodeBox lockbox transfer.

If you need new lockboxes, order them through Tenant Turner so the order can process and ship to you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that turn-around time for new lockbox orders will take 7-10 days from order placement to delivery. Order lockboxes through the Add-ons page of your new Tenant Turner account.

Once you have submitted a request for a lockbox transfer or ordered new lockboxes, schedule and complete your personalized training with the Tenant Turner Customer Success Team.


Update your syndication settings so leads start flowing into Tenant Turner. Once you make the necessary changes, it can take 24 to 48 hours for listing sites like Zillow to update.

  • If you are syndicating from ShowMojo, turn off their syndication. This does not impact any leads or showings in your ShowMojo account.

  • If you are syndicating from your property management software (i.e. AppFolio, Buildium, Propertyware) then swap out your old ShowMojo email address and phone number for your new Tenant Turner contact information. This can be found in your Tenant Turner account under the Rentals section > Listing Information tab.

Note: If you have a paid agreement with the Zillow Group then you’ll need to notify Zillow that your listings will be coming from Tenant Turner moving forward and request they connect the Tenant Turner feed with your unique Feed ID. Your Feed ID will be the numeric portion of your Tenant Turner listings email address found under your Rentals section > Listing Information tab. Please reach out to to request the proper feed connection.

Phone system:

If you had your phone system (i.e. Grasshopper, RingCentral) forwarding calls to your ShowMojo phone number, update call forwarding to use your Tenant Turner phone number. These help articles will walk through setting up your phone system: Forward calls from Grasshopper; Forward calls from RingCentral

Rentals and showings:

Activate each of your imported rentals in Tenant Turner by assigning them to the appropriate property manager and lockbox if utilizing self-access. Note: Keep the rental on the Wait List if you are waiting for lockboxes to transfer over.

Go in to ShowMojo and limit the date for how far out a prospective tenant can schedule a showing based upon your transition date and/or lockbox transfer date.

You can manually add existing showings into Tenant Turner by going to the rental and clicking Add Lead > Schedule Viewing (3rd option down).

  • In ShowMojo you can cancel and not notify the lead of the cancelation so they don't get confused by interacting with 2 different scheduling systems.

  • Alternatively, you can keep your ShowMojo account active until all future showings are completed.

If you have any question, reach out to our support team at We're so glad you're here!

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