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Add a QR code to your printed marketing material
Add a QR code to your printed marketing material
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Does your team create printed marketing such as flyers and For Rent signs? Include a link to your rentals' scheduling page using a QR Code through the Chrome browser!

How to create a page specific QR code:

  1. From the Chrome browser, log into you Tenant Turner account and click on the rental that you are creating the QR code for.

  2. Near the top-right under the Leads tab, click the orange ADD LEAD button.

  3. On the Add Lead page, locate 'Copy Tenant Lead Link' towards the bottom of the page and click it to copy.

  4. Paste the copied link in a Chrome browser tab, then right click anywhere on the page and select 'Create QR code for this Page'.

  5. Use that newly created QR code on flyers or For Rent signs to help leads schedule!

Watch the video below demonstrating these steps!

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