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Advertise listings on Zumper
Advertise listings on Zumper

Zumper now requires a paid contract. Here's how to advertise on Zumper and make sure leads come into Tenant Turner.

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In 2021 Zumper moved to a hybrid advertising model, which will allow up to 5 free listings at a time per company. Anything beyond that requires a paid agreement between a property management company and Zumper. This is enforced by Zumper regardless of where a syndication feed comes from, and unfortunately Tenant Turner is not able to quote prices or negotiate on your behalf.

Setting up a paid agreement

If you'd like to set up a paid agreement with Zumper, you can reach out to them directly here. Make sure you let them know if you'll be syndicating through Tenant Turner and provide your Company ID, so they can pick up your listings from our feed.

To find Company ID, you can ask our Customer Success team, or Administrators can navigate to the Rentals > Listing Information page in Tenant Turner. Copy the numbers that follow the + sign in your leads email address. In the example below, the Company ID would be "2337" but yours will be different.

Once you have a paid agreement in place:

For ongoing Zumper listing support, you should contact

Control which listings to include in your feed. If you'd rather not pay to post a certain rental on Zumper, you can turn off 'Zumper' under the Syndication preferences on that rental's Settings page. This article explains more.


Q: What are the benefits of setting up a paid agreement with Zumper?

A: Per Zumper:

  • Your listings will appear with the Verified Listing badge so prospective renters know the listing is credible.

  • Reporting for paid clients tells you what listings are paid and accepted, which they deliver back to you.

  • Zumper PowerLeads AI™ is the first to bring AI & predictive analytics to deliver the highest-performing leads.

Q: Which of my 5 listings will be free?

A: Zumper will pick the 5 most recently modified listings in a given customer's feed. Since we do not track and manage that in Tenant Turner, we are unable to troubleshoot why specific listings were chosen over others to display on Zumper's site.

Q: How can I check my Zumper listings?

A: Zumper does not pass a listing link to Tenant Turner. If you pay Zumper, you will get a report of your posted listings. If you don't have a paid agreement, you would need to search their site for any free listings.

Q: If I pay Zumper, will my rentals still be re-syndicated to Facebook Marketplace?

A: No. Facebook announced (rather abruptly) that they will no longer be accepting rental or for sale listings from partner feeds as of September, 2021. That means if you would like to post your listings on Facebook Marketplace, you will need to manually post through your Business Account. This article from our help center walks you through how to do that.

We know these are major changes for many of you who rely on Zumper and Facebook Marketplace as primary sources of free leads. We are here to help. Chat us or email with any questions, and we'll do our best to help or connect you with someone who can!

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