Manually schedule a lead

This article will walk through how to manually schedule a lead in your Tenant Turner account

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There may be scenarios where you have directly spoken to a lead and would like to manually schedule them for a viewing in your Tenant Turner account.

If the lead is already added in the system under the rental they are interested in, follow the steps below to manually schedule the lead.

Note: If the lead is not yet in your Tenant Turner account, visit the Add a lead article to walk through how to manually add the lead to get them scheduled!

Manually schedule an existing lead:

1. Click on the lead's name under the rental they are interested in.

2. Under the Viewing section of their lead record page, click "Schedule"

3. On the next page, click "Schedule Lead" to manually schedule the lead for a mutually agreed upon time.

Note: If you'd prefer to have the lead schedule a time themselves, click "Invite Lead" instead. This will send the lead a text and an email with your custom invite message and link to self-schedule.

4. From the scheduling page, select the appropriate showing information to schedule the lead.

Keep in mind, when manually scheduling a lead you can pick any date and time to set a viewing appointment, regardless of the rental's availability that has been added to the system. Use the link for "See the availability a lead would see" to view the rental's specific availability, if needed.

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