Often, the Unit Number field in Rent Manager is set up to display the Unit Name value by default. This doesn't work well for the Tenant Turner import. The unit name is commonly used for tracking purposes in Rent Manager, but the Unit Number pulls into Tenant Turner as a part of the rental address. It's best to remove the default mapping between those two fields, as it could mess up the address and affect syndication.

Removing the field mapping will leave Unit Name as-is in Rent Manager, but it will set the Unit Number field to blank, so you're able to manually type in the unit number on the Unit > Marketing page for the rental, or leave it blank if it's a single family home.

To remove the default mapping between Unit Number and Unit Name in Rent Manager go to:

  • Admin >> System Preferences >> Online Listings >> Standard Fields

  • Set the Unit Number default value to blank

  • Click the square icon to the right of the Unit Number field

  • Select Overwrite all existing field values

  • Click Save and overwrite

  • Click Apply

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