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Lead flow: Self access viewings
Lead flow: Self access viewings

What does the timeline of events look like for the lead for self access lockbox viewings?

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Quick overview of the flow of events:

  1. Lead prequalifies for the rental

  2. Lead schedules the viewing appointment for the rental

  3. Tenant Turner sends the lead an appointment confirmation request the day before

  4. Lead replies to the email or text confirming their appointment

  5. Tenant Turner sends the lead the viewing instructions

  6. Lead gets to the rental during their appointment time and replies to the message from Tenant Turner with the serial number of the lockbox on the rental

  7. Tenant Turner gives the lead the randomly generated code

Note: If the lead does not confirm the viewing appointment they will not be sent the instructions or code for their viewing.

When you have self access viewings available, you not only offer convenience for prospective tenants, you make your leasing process more efficient as well! If you still have questions about the self-access experience, this article walks you through step by step.

Step 1: The lead inquiries via your leasing line or from the online listing. They go through the qualification process and if they meet the requirements set by your team for that rental, they move forward with scheduling their viewing!

Step 2: Based on the availability settings for your self access viewings, the lead will see a list of options for appointment times to choose from.

After selecting their preferred date and time, if you have 'set appointments' selected for the viewing approval, the next page will confirm their selection. Here is an example of what that page will look like:

If you have 'take requests' set as the viewing approval for the rental, the assigned user for that rental will need to approve or decline the request in order for the lead to move forward. Here is the screen leads will see once they have selected the appointments to request for approval:

Step 3: The time has come for the lead to view the home! They have confirmed their viewing appointment and so this is what the conversation looks like the day of the viewing:

Feel free to click here for a help article you can share with leads about the self access process!

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