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Best Practice: Syndicate your Listings from a Single Source
Best Practice: Syndicate your Listings from a Single Source
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Almost every system that touches the rental experience includes the option to syndicate your listings to sites like Zillow and through a feed, so you don't have to manually post listings in several places. You may think that you're covering your bases by turning the syndication settings on in as many systems as possible -- couldn't hurt, right?

There's actually great reasons to only syndicate from one single source. Here's why:

  • Better lead management. Each listing has contact details tied to it, where lead calls and emails will be routed. If you're syndicating from multiple sources, those systems may be sending leads to different places. Keeping all leads in one place will make your job so much easier!

  • Ad quality & consistency. Listing sites will only pick up one version of the listing, regardless of how many sources you send it from. One site may pick up your Appfolio feed, which doesn't have watermarks, and another listing site may pick up Tenant Turner's feed, which does have watermarks. You want consistency across your company's listings, and managing that through a single source will be less work for you.

  • Faster troubleshooting. If you find something wrong with a listing, you need to address that with whichever source is sending the feed. It's a lot more back and forth to first figure out where the listing is coming from, getting bounced around from support team to support team. Troubleshooting far more efficient for everyone if you only syndicate from one source.

If I use Tenant Turner, where should I syndicate from?

We'll be honest, most syndication is pretty similar. Smaller listing sites will differ from source to source, but the vast majority of leads use the same primary sites. It's most important to stick with one source, but we strongly recommend syndicating from Tenant Turner and turning off syndication from all other sites, including the MLS.

Here's a visual reference of how it works for Tenant Turner to send your feed to paid and free listing sites:

visual showing Tenant Turner syndicating to paid and free listing sites

There's no extra cost tied to syndicating from Tenant Turner. We've just seen that work best for our customers, due to:

  • Easier and faster setup. If you syndicate from Tenant Turner, your listings will be automatically tied to your Tenant Turner contact details, so leads will route to (and get responses from) us instead of you. If you opt to use another source instead, there's additional setup and testing required for your team.

  • More paid ad control. Through Tenant Turner, you can control which rentals are sent to paid sites.

  • Better support. We pride ourselves on some of the best, most responsive support in the industry. If you're syndicating through our feed, we have far more control over getting the problem solved.

  • Reach to dozens of listing sites. Like we said, it can be pretty apples-to-apples when comparing syndication sources, but we know that owners like to hear that their listings are being seen on lots of sites. Here's a list of where we advertise your rentals.

If you're not sure if syndication is turned off in your property management software or from a website listing page like FreeRentalSite, please reach out to their support teams for help in turning off the syndication setting. If you can't turn off syndication from your MLS, we have email forwarding options that our support team can help you set up.

We're here to help with your questions about syndication or anything else! Chat us or email

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