Photo IDs for Leads

An extra layer of protection to help protect you from scammers.

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Requiring photo IDs is an optional setting for both in-person and self-access viewing types. When a qualified leads uploads a photo of their government issued ID (ex. driver’s license) Tenant Turner will run it through a series of checks to confirm that the photo ID is clear, legible, and passes facial detection.

To view a lead’s photo ID, click into their Lead Record and scroll down to the “Identification” section. There, you will see a button that says “VIEW ID.” In order to view the ID, you must acknowledge that you’re about to see personally identifiable information and protected class details about that lead. The system tracks if and when an ID was viewed. If the lead ID was never viewed, this can also be proven and used as protection in case of a fair housing claim.

Below is an image showing the location of the "VIEW ID" button on the leads page in Tenant Turner:

If the lead's uploaded ID does not meet the system's security criteria, the lead will be prompted to select appointment options for review by the property manager. The assigned Tenant Turner user for that rental will be notified to manually review the ID. The Tenant Turner user can then either:

  1. Approve the ID by going back to the lead's page and approving one of the requested appointment times or send an invite to "reschedule" if their appointment options have passed.

  2. Request a new ID to be uploaded by the lead by clicking this option on their lead page. This button can be found beside the "VIEW ID" button.

In the image below you can see the button to 'reschedule' if the requested times have passed and the option to 'request new ID' if the photo ID that was uploaded does not meet your standards.

Note: All IDs uploaded to a lead's page in Tenant Turner will be deleted 90 days after the ID was uploaded to Tenant Turner, regardless of lead or rental status. For more information on our privacy policy, please click here.

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