Rental-specific blackout dates

Rental-specific blackout dates prevent leads from scheduling on select dates for a specific rental.

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Rental-specific blackout dates will prevent the scheduling of new viewings for only the rental you apply the blackout to and only on your specified dates.

This is helpful in the event you want to allow leads to schedule viewings at a rental, but you know certain days when vendors or cleaners will be in to do work. Both in-person and self-access viewings are blocked off during those blackout dates.

Note: To set up blackout dates specific to a user's availability, check out our help article, User-specific blackout dates

To set Rental-Specific Blackout Dates:

  1. Find the rental on the Rentals page

  2. Click 'settings' on the rental for which you want to set blackout dates

  3. Scroll down in the settings of the rental to the 'Viewing Methods' section and turn on self access availability and/or in person availability

  4. After you make your self access and/or in person showing selections scroll down to the 'Availability' section and toggle on the option for 'Rental-Specific Blackout Dates'

  5. You can now add a blackout date range starting with the day of the week, decide whether it repeats weekly, and add the timeframe. Here is a screenshot for reference of what the section will look like:

Note: Self-access availability and/or in-person availability have to be turned on in order for the blackout date section to appear on the Rental Settings page.

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