To open the shackle on the CodeBox lockbox to either attach it to or detach it from a rental, use the shackle code for that lockbox on the CodeBox lockbox page.

  1. On the CodeBox lockbox, key in the 5-digit shackle code followed by <ENTER>.

  2. Press the shackle into the box, then pull up to open the shackle.

If you experience trouble removing your CodeBox from your rental please try the following:

  1. Make sure there is no weight on the Shackle when entering the code. Hold the CodeBox lockbox with one hand while entering the code with the other before you attempt to pull on the Shackle. 

  2. Press a 9volt battery into the port located on the bottom of the CodeBox lockbox and hold it in place while entering the Shackle code. 

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