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Use the Viewings page to see your upcoming and recent viewings along with their statuses.

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The Viewings page provides an agenda view of today's viewings, viewings from the last 7 days, and upcoming viewings for the next 7 days. Use the filter and the search to narrow the viewings shown.

Each viewing box shows the viewing status, lead's name and phone number, rental address, and User assigned to the attend the viewing. A self-access viewing is indicated with a lockbox icon in the top right corner of the viewing box.

Viewing statuses

The viewing is scheduled and will occur more than 24 hours from now. Leads with a Scheduled status will be blue.

Pending Confirmation
The viewing is less than 24 hours from now, and we emailed and texted the lead to confirm his/her attendance. Leads with a Pending status will be orange.

The lead has confirmed his/her attendance. Leads with a Confirmed status will be green.

The lead has not confirmed his/her attendance. You may want to call the lead to confirm--this is a potential no-show. Leads with an Unconfirmed status will be red.

No Show
The lead was automatically marked as a no show because s/he didn't show up for a CodeBox viewing or the property manager manually marked the lead as a no show for an In-Person Showing. No Show leads will be greyed out. 

The viewing is cancelled. Either the lead cancelled and has not yet rescheduled, or depending upon your account settings, the lead has not confirmed the viewing and therefore we cancelled it. Cancelled leads will be greyed out.

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