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Tenant Turner listings widget
Tenant Turner listings widget

The listings widget is a quick way to get tenant leads from your site into Tenant Turner.

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About the listings widget

The Tenant Turner listings widget displays your active rentals and provides a Request a Viewing button directly on your website. And it's included in your Tenant Turner subscription!

The widget features a list view, map view, search, filtering, application link, and a schedule viewing button that takes the lead to your pre-qualification and scheduling form in Tenant Turner. The widget can be themed to match your website, customized to only show specific rentals, and sorted to highlight your most important rentals at the top.

Access the Listings Widget Builder

You can access your own Listings Widget under the Rentals page > Listing Information.

Use the builder options on the right-hand side to customize how you'd like your widget to look and function. Everything left of that is a preview of how it will look.

If you're in the middle of customizing and have to stop mid progress, don't worry! You can navigate away and come back to the page later (on the same computer) and it will be as you left it.

Getting the widget on your website

When you're finished with your customizations, click the orange Copy Widget Code button to copy the code and paste it into your website. If you have someone else update your website, click the link where it says “copy and paste this link” to copy the widget builder URL and send that to your team, where they’ll be able to copy the code. If you need help in this department we're happy to help. Just drop us a line.

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