Note: If you purchase a CodeBox lockbox through Tenant Turner we will add the serial number and codes to your account for you.

To transfer a CodeBox lockbox to use with the Tenant Turner system, please follow these steps:

1. Ask CodeBox to transfer the serial number(s) to Tenant Turner.

So that we can generate codes for your CodeBox lockbox, please go to the Add-ons page in Tenant Turner, click the Transfer link under CodeBox, and complete the request form.

If you do not see the Transfer or Buy links, please first add payment information to your account by clicking the "Update Payment Information" link at the top of the Billing page.

Please allow at least 7 days for CodeBox to complete the transfer.

Note: The CodeBox monthly service fee will apply to each lockbox in your Tenant Turner account regardless of usage.

2. Tenant Turner will add the CodeBox lockbox to your Tenant Turner account.

Once your transfer is completed, Tenant Turner will add your CodeBox lockbox serial numbers to your Tenant Turner account.

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