CodeBox Juniors (holds 1-2 keys) are $65.
CodeBox Seniors (holds many keys) are $75.

Note: A minimum of two lockboxes are required for each order.

We recommend you go for the Junior unless you specifically need the additional key space offered by the Senior. Each CodeBox lockbox includes lithium-ion battery, setup, and shipping. This is a flat purchase price, not per rental.

In addition, there is a $2.50 CodeBox service fee per box charged monthly to your Tenant Turner account.

Note: The CodeBox monthly service fee will apply to each lockbox in your Tenant Turner account regardless of usage. If you will not be using a CodeBox lockbox for a period of time, feel free to remove it from your Access Page to avoid the monthly service fee.

You can order CodeBoxes from your Add-ons page in Tenant Turner. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for shipment.

Note: You must have payment information added on the Billing page in Tenant Turner to be able to order CodeBox lockboxes. Once you add payment information, you'll see the option to buy.

Note: Minimum purchase of two CodeBox lockboxes per order. We reserve the right to adjust the order quantity to meet this minimum requirement.


Will I be charged $2.50 for a CodeBox lockbox I didn't use during the month?
Yes, you will be charged the $2.50 CodeBox monthly service fee each month per CodeBox lockbox found on the Access page in your account, whether or not it was attached to a rental or if any codes were actually generated for it in that month. CodeBox charges us in the same manner.

If you will not be using a CodeBox lockbox for a period of time, you are free to remove it from the Access page in your account to avoid the monthly service fees. You will be able to add it back at any time.

Is the monthly service fee the same for both CodeBox Juniors and CodeBox Seniors?

Can I purchase the lockboxes directly from CodeBox?
Yes, but the monthly service fee still applies. We'll also have to take the extra step of transferring the lockboxes into our CodeBox account which will take at least seven days per CodeBox's policies. In order for us to generate a code for a CodeBox lockbox, its serial number must be in our CodeBox account, and we are charged a service fee by CodeBox for each serial number in our account each month.

Looking to transfer a CodeBox lockbox to use with the Tenant Turner system? Review this article for more information: Transfer a CodeBox lockbox to Tenant Turner

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