Note: The admin/agent, vendor/door, and shackle codes can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The access hour restrictions discussed in this article do no apply to those codes, but rather to the one-time use codes for leads and authorized contacts.

When you received your CodeBox lockbox the default access hours are 8:00AM - 9:00PM, everyday.

Change the hours a CodeBox lockbox can be opened

There are two levels to restricting access hours. The first is made in Tenant Turner by changing the CodeBox lockbox viewing availability. The second, stronger method involves changing the showing window on the CodeBox lockbox itself.

Change the self-access viewing hours in Tenant Turner

Changing the self-access viewing hours will affect the self-access viewing availability for all your self-access viewings (all your CodeBox lockboxes, combo lockboxes, etc.).

By limiting the self-access viewing availability you are limiting the times from which leads can pick from when they schedule a self-access viewing, but the lead could go later or earlier than scheduled and still be able to access the CodeBox lockbox outside those hours, provided the access attempt is within the showing window set on the CodeBox lockbox itself. In most situations, leads going outside of the availability hours--though not desirable--will be OK.

  1. Go to your Account Settings (only accessible by account administrators).

  2. Scroll down to the Viewings section.

  3. Under Self-Access Viewings, change the "Available From" and "Until" times.

Change the showing window on the CodeBox lockbox

If you require harder enforcement of the showing window, you will want to restrict them on the CodeBox lockbox itself (perhaps in addition to changing the self-access viewing hours in the Account Settings as per above).

  1. With the CodeBox lockbox in hand, enter your 6-digit admin/access code followed by <ENTER>.

  2. Wait 5 seconds until the screen says Select CMD: at the top.

  3. Press <6> for Access.

  4. For the start (ST) time, press the number keys corresponding to the desired time. To keep the AM/PM as showing, press the <BACK/NEXT> key; otherwise, to change the AM/PM, press <3>.

  5. Do the same for the end (END) time, as desired.

  6. Press <ENTER> when done.

  7. Let the screen go blank.

Change the days of the week a CodeBox lockbox can be opened

Currently there isn't a way to restrict the days of the week the CodeBox lockbox can be opened, neither via availability in the software nor via the settings on the CodeBox lockbox itself.

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