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Keep your owners updated on your leasing efforts
Keep your owners updated on your leasing efforts

Use the owner reports to keep your owners updated and engaged, or to help convince them to make changes to the rental or listing.

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Each rental in Tenant Turner has its own Owner Report. To see it, click on the rental, then click the OWNER REPORT tab under the address.

The metrics included in the Owner Report are displayed below.  Also included is the main picture for your rental, feedback if you've chosen to include it, and your logo.

There are some options for receiving and sharing owner reports:

  • Send the report as-is to the owner (with or without feedback)

  • Send the report to yourself for your records

  • Send the report to yourself so you can forward it to the owner with your comments on the activity and feedback

  • Retrieve the report manually and print it

To send the owner report automatically on a weekly basis, enter the owner's email address (or your own) in the email address field above the report. You have the option to include the feedback or not--uncheck this if you want to review the feedback before sharing it with the owner. You can add multiple email addresses to the Email Address field by separating each email address with a comma

You can set the day of the week and time we send your owner reports from the Reports page by going to the 'Scheduled' tab. All owner reports will be sent on the specified day and time.

Here is some information you can provide your owners about Tenant Turner and the Owner Report they'll start receiving:

Tenant Turner is an online tenant lead management and scheduling tool that provides instant, personalized responses to tenant inquiries, weeds out tenant leads who don’t meet minimum qualifications, and automatically schedules the ones that due 24/7/365! With all of your rentals’ leads in one place, Tenant Turner can track leasing metrics and collect feedback from leads after viewing a rental. Then each week, Tenant Turner will send out a report with updates on the leasing process.

Feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions!

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