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Location Validation for Self-Access Viewings
Location Validation for Self-Access Viewings
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Tenant Turner's new location validator is an optional setting to add an extra layer of security around self-access viewings.

How does the location verification work?

  1. A lead is approved and scheduled for a self-access viewing.

  2. They will receive a text message with viewing instructions prompting them to follow a link once they arrive at the property for their scheduled viewing.

  3. After clicking the link, the lead will be asked to enter the lockbox serial number.

  4. They are then prompted to enable location service on their cellphone to share their location.

  5. Their location is then validated and the access code is provided. If the lead is not within range of the rental then they will not get the code!

How do I turn on the location validation setting?

  1. This setting can be turned on by an administrator user from the Account Settings >> Self-Access Viewings. Once turned on for the Account Settings, it will be available on the Rental level as well.

Note: This setting cannot be turned on until your account is fully A2P 10DLC verified. To check your A2P status visit your Account >> A2P 10DLC page.

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