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See the viewing availability your leads see after they pre-qualify for your rental.

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To check what times are still available to your tenant leads for a particular rental:

  1. In Tenant Turner, click the rental you want to see availability for.

  2. Click the AVAILABILITY tab near the top under the address.

  3. The viewing times will display, along with the source of availability (general availability or rental-specific availability), whether the time slot is available due to clustering (e.g. if you have max showings per time of 5 and 1 person is scheduled, we’ll allow 4 others to pick that same time), and the viewing approval method (take requests or set appointments).

  4. Anything that is greyed out is not available and anything that is green is available. Some reasons you’ll see times unavailable are for the minimum notice (e.g. if your scheduling notice is 24 hours we won’t let leads book within the next 24 hours), showing (if you have a showing scheduled at another rental), buffer (this is the buffer to accommodate your drive time to get to a showing), calendar (any appointments on your connected calendar), blackout (any blackout dates set for your user).

Note: If you have your calendar connected to your Tenant Turner user account the subject of the calendar event will show as the reason that appointment time is unavailable. Only the logged in user is able to see the event name from the connected calendar. Leads never see the reason for you being available or not. We're only displaying the reason here for your use.

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