Prospective leads may sometimes walk in through the door, or phone you on your direct line or cell phone. There are several ways to deal with this, and get them pre qualified through the Tenant Turner system.

1. In Tenant Turner, click on the rental that the lead is interested in.

2. Near the top-right under the Leads tab, click the orange ADD LEAD button.

3. On the Add Lead page you'll need to enter the leads name and Email and/or Phone. 

4. Select the lead type as tenant lead or agent lead. Keep in mind that agents do not need to answer the pre-qualification questions or upload an ID.

5. Under Action, you can choose between the following options:

  • Invite the lead to pre-qualify and schedule - this action will trigger out an email and/or text message to the lead with the rental link so they can pre-qualify and schedule themselves which is the quickest way.

  • Pre-qualify and schedule them myself - this action will allow you to fill out the lead's answers to the pre-qualification questions while on the phone with the lead and get them manually scheduled.

  • Skip pre-qualification and just schedule - this action will take you directly to the scheduling page to manually schedule the lead by skipping the pre-qualification questions.

Note: when manually scheduling a lead you can pick any date and time to set a viewing appointment, regardless of the rental's availability that has been added to the system. Use the link for "See the availability a lead would see" to view the rental's specific availability, if needed.

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