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We sync rental status and data with your backend property management software every 4 hours, but you can run an import on demand!

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We run a scheduled import from your backend property management software every 4 hours. During the import we pick up any rentals you put on market, take off market, or update (rent amount, photos, description, etc.).

If you don't see in Tenant Turner changes you made in your backend property management software, or you want to update the system sooner, you can run your rental import by clicking the Import Rentals button near the top-right of the Rentals page. This option will refresh your import to show any updates made to your rentals in your property management software.

Note: On-demand imports are not available for Buildium Integration customers.

Quick Import Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Be sure that you have a city, state and zip code listed for the address in your property management software.

  • Rentals will not import if there is not a rent price listed in the property management software you are importing from.

  • Refresh your import in Tenant Turner to show updates made in your property management software sooner by clicking the orange clock button on the rentals screen.

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