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Forward calls from Grasshopper
Forward calls from Grasshopper

Configure your Grasshopper extension to forward calls to Tenant Turner.

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We highly recommend forwarding tenant leads who call into your company's main phone line to the Tenant Turner automated agent so they can self-service their viewing request. To do so:

  1. Get your Tenant Turner phone number from the Rentals page under the Listings Information tab.

  2. In Grasshopper, configure your extension for tenant lead calls to forward to your Tenant Turner phone number.

  3. In the extension settings, under the Tenant Turner phone number, there is an Options button. Click on it and you'll see some options for forwarding calls.

  4. For the option "When a call is forwarded to me, show the caller ID of" select "the caller." This important step is necessary so that we do not attempt to send text messages to your office line--leads cannot respond if they do not get the texts.

  5. From your mobile phone, place a test call to your main office line and follow the prompts to make sure you receive a text message with a link to pre-qualify for one of your rentals.

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