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If each of your rentals can be shown by multiple leasing agents, you may want to set up one portfolio for them to share.

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At a high level, the setup will look like this:

  • a Leasing Department portfolio that contains all your rentals

  • a user account for each leasing agent

To create this portfolio structure, sign into Tenant Turner with a account admin account.

(1) Create the shared portfolio

  1. In Tenant Turner, add a new user for the shared portfolio. 

  2. In the email field, enter the email address of your leasing department where we can send notifications of new leads, scheduled viewings, and feedback collected.

  3. In the First Name and Last Name fields, enter something generic, like Leasing Department or Leasing Agent. 

  4. Enter your office number as the phone number.

  5. Click the SAVE button to create the new user.

(2) Set the shared portfolio as the default portfolio for new rental imports

When new you put rentals on market, you'll want us to import them into the shared portfolio by default.

  1. Edit your feeds and import settings under Account Settings so that the default account for feed imports is set to the new shared portfolio you just created.

  2. Click the SAVE ACCOUNT SETTINGS button at the bottom to save.

(3) Move any existing rentals into the shared portfolio.

If your leasing agents already have rentals in their individual portfolios and you want them in the shared portfolio, edit the rental settings of each rental and assign the rental to the shared portfolio.

  1. Click on the SETTINGS link from the Rentals page.

  2. Select the shared portfolio from the Assigned To dropdown.

  3. Click the SAVE RENTAL SETTINGS button to at the bottom to save.

  4. Repeat for each rental you want to move.

(4) Set the general availability for the shared portfolio "user."

If your leasing agents use general availability for the viewings, you will want to set the general availability for for the shared portfolio so that the rentals you just assigned to the shared portfolio can continue to get viewing requests/appointments.

  1. Go to the Users page and click SETTINGS for the shared portfolio.

  2. Click the AVAILABILITY tab.

  3. Enter the days of the week and times your leasing agents conduct showings.

Any showing appointments that were already requested or scheduled will not be affected by this change.

(5) Make sure your leasing agents can see the calendar attached to the email address you used for the shared portfolio.

For viewings scheduled from general availability, we send the calendar invite to the email address of the portfolio user. So in the case of the shared portfolio, we will send the calendar invite to whichever shared email account you set up for your leasing (e.g. ""). With this, the individual leasing agents will not get their own calendar invite. You'll want to make sure they somehow have access to that shared calendar so they know which appointments to go to.

For viewings scheduled from any rental-specific availability you may have set, we'll continue to send the calendar invites to whomever is set as the property manager for that rental-specific availability window.

(6) Your leasing agents will need to click into the shared portfolio to manage the rentals, leads, and viewings.

When the leasing agent signs in, s/he should change the User filter to the shared portfolio's user.


Let us know if you have any trouble along the way.

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