Here's a scenario that may occur from time to time: You put a rental on market in your backend property management software and we import it. You realize there was an error in the address, so you change it in your backend property management software. You will need to make the same change to the address in Tenant Turner, otherwise we may mark the existing rental as ready to deactivate (because it's no longer in your active listings) and ask you to activate a new rental (the one with the corrected address).

To keep things in sync:

  1. In Tenant Turner, click on that rental.

  2. Click on the SETTINGS tab.

  3. Jump to the Marketing section by using the left-hand navigation and click the drop down for Address.

  4. Edit the street address.

  5. Click the SAVE RENTAL SETTINGS button at the bottom to save.

If you follow these steps before the next import, the address change will go smoothly. If not, do not deactivate the old address. Please contact so we can merge the two rentals so you don't lose any viewings or leads.

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