When tenant leads call your Tenant Turner listing phone number to inquire about one of your rentals and reach our automated agent, they can either receive a text message with a link to schedule a viewing or they can elect to speak to someone. About 70% of the time callers prefer to receive a text message; the other 30% opt to speak with someone, and we forward them to your team.

But with the VirtuallyIncredible leasing line call center we will instead forward the call to the leasing line. The VirtuallyIncredible call agents will step the caller through the pre-qualification questionnaire as if the caller was doing it himself. And the call agent will even get the caller scheduled for a viewing.

VirtuallyIncredible coverage is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Holidays: 9:00AM - 5:00PM with limited staff

The VirtuallyIncredible Leasing Line does not return missed phone calls, as self-service is available through Tenant Turner's automated agent.

Subscription to the VirtuallyIncredible Leasing Line is $100 per month for the first 50 minutes, then $0.60 per minute thereafter. Your company administrator can enable the VirtuallyIncredible Leasing Line from the Add-ons page.

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