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Managing Leads
Get an agent-only link for your MLS
Get an agent-only link for your MLS

Get an Agent Lead Link that will allow agents to skip the pre-qualification questions and just get scheduled for a viewing.

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If you use your MLS to post your rentals, and if your MLS has and agent-only field where you can share information with agents that is not shared out to the listing sites then you may want to add the rental's agent-only link to those MLS instructions.

  1. In Tenant Turner, click on the rental.

  2. Click the orange + button at the top right of the page. That's the Add Lead button.

  3. Click the COPY AGENT LEAD LINK at the bottom of the Add Lead page.

  4. Paste that link into the field in your MLS listing that only agents can see. Some MLSes call this field "Showing Instructions" or "Private Notes."

When agents view the listing in the MLS and go to that link we'll ask for their name, email, and phone number, then skip the pre-qualification questions leads must answer and take them to the scheduling page (provided the rental is not on wait list). Agents who register using the Agent Lead Link will show up as such on the Leads pages in Tenant Turner as "Agent."

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