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Send Tenant Turner leads to a CRM system
Send Tenant Turner leads to a CRM system

Learn how to send your leads from Tenant Turner into systems like Lead Simple or something similar!

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As a property manager, you may want the ability to automatically send your Tenant Turner leads into a third-party CRM system such as Lead Simple, BoomTown, Follow Up Boss, etc. for various marketing purposes.

How to get new lead info sent to your CRM

There are two options to automatically send new lead emails to your CRM:

  1. Copy your CRM email on user emails: To manage your email notifications, navigate to Users > User Settings > Notifications tab. Turn on the "Qualified Lead" email notifications for any user(s) assigned to rentals, then add your CRM email into the the "also notify" email field. Other notification emails will also go to that email, but if you use the parser below, only the qualified lead notifications should make their way into your CRM.

  2. Set up an email forwarding rule in your inbox: Create a forwarding rule in the inbox of any users who receive "Qualified Lead" email notifications. The forwarding rule would say 'subject contains: new Tenant Turner prospect'.

Tenant Turner lead emails are embedded with standardized lead metadata, so you will have the information you need to build a custom email parser to send your leads into your CRM system.

Example metadata:

<!DOCTYPE html ... >

<html xmlns= ... >



<meta name=3D"lead_type" content=3D"Renter" />

<meta name=3D"lead_name" content=3D"Test lead" />

<meta name=3D"lead_email" content=3D"" />

<meta name=3D"lead_phone" content=3D"18045555555" />

<meta name=3D"lead_source" content=3D"" />

<meta name=3D"lead_property_address" content=3D"123 Tenant Turner Way" />

<meta name=3D"lead_property_city" content=3D"Richmond" />

<meta name=3D"lead_property_state" content=3D"VA" />

<meta name=3D"lead_property_zip" content=3D"23060" />



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