As a property manager, you may want the ability to automatically send your Tenant Turner leads into a third-party CRM system such as Lead Simple, BoomTown, Follow Up Boss, etc. for various marketing purposes.

The Tenant Turner lead emails are embedded with standardized lead metadata, so you will have the information you need to build a custom email parser to send your leads into your CRM system.

Example metadata:

<!DOCTYPE html ... >

<html xmlns= ... >



<meta name=3D"lead_type" content=3D"Renter" />

<meta name=3D"lead_name" content=3D"Test lead" />

<meta name=3D"lead_email" content=3D"" />

<meta name=3D"lead_phone" content=3D"18045555555" />

<meta name=3D"lead_source" content=3D"" />

<meta name=3D"lead_property_address" content=3D"123 Tenant Turner Way" />

<meta name=3D"lead_property_city" content=3D"Richmond" />

<meta name=3D"lead_property_state" content=3D"VA" />

<meta name=3D"lead_property_zip" content=3D"23060" />



Helpful tip: We recommend turning on the Tenant Turner "Pending Lead" email notifications to send your Tenant Turner leads into your CRM system. Pending Lead email notifications will be sent for every lead that enters into your Tenant Turner account regardless of their qualification status. To manage your email notifications, navigate to Users > User Settings > Notifications tab.

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