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Rent Manager + Tenant Turner Integration Overview
Rent Manager + Tenant Turner Integration Overview

Are you considering an integration between Tenant Turner and Rent Manager? Here's an overview to help you decide!

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Rent Manager is a property management software that offers a true integration with Tenant Turner. The integration adds an additional $50 to your monthly Tenant Turner subscription. Please reach out to our customer support team if you have specific questions about configuring the Rent Manager integration with your account.  

What would the workflow look like?
Rental details (rent amount, description, pictures etc.) are added to Rent Manager on the unit level. When you make a rental available in Rent Manager, it imports into Tenant Turner where you activate it for showings. Tenant Turner will syndicate your rentals to listing sites for you. See: where do we advertise your listings?

Optional benefits
The information below can pass between the two systems (and can be turned on/off depending on your preferences): 

  • Import current occupant information: we'll import their names and phone numbers of any current occupants stored in Rent Manager. That saves you a step when setting up current occupant notifications in Tenant Turner, which alert existing tenants of scheduled showings. 

  • Import owner information: we get the property owner's email and apply that to the Owner Report in Tenant Turner. All you have to do is turn the report, and we will send owners a weekly update of leasing activity. 

  • Add leads to Rent Manager: any time a new lead is created in Tenant Turner, we can send that lead to Rent Manager. 

  • Update lead status in Rent Manager: when key actions are taken in Tenant Turner, such as a lead getting archived or a rental getting deactivated, we will update the status of that lead in Rent Manager. If you mark a specific lead as the new renter in Tenant Turner, we'll send that to Rent Manager as a new "current occupant." 

If you're interested, please chat with our support team. We can walk you through the next steps! 

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