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What does the SentriLock Generation 3 lockbox "Error DND" mean?
What does the SentriLock Generation 3 lockbox "Error DND" mean?

The date/time on the SentriLock lockbox may be incorrect

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If you are trying to open a SentriLock Generation 3 lockbox but seeing Error DND, the lockbox is either trying to be opened between the hours of 10pm and 5am which is outside of the access window OR the internal lockbox clock is incorrect. 

If accessing the lockbox during the hours of 5am to 10pm, try to reset the internal clock with the below instructions:

  1. Navigate to the SentriLock Access page of your account.

  2. Click "Get Code" under the appropriate serial number.

  3. Select "Cardless Clock Code" as the Code Type

  4. Click "Get Code" to generate the Cardless Clock Code.

Note: The Cardless Clock Code is time sensitive, so you will need the lockbox in hand when generating this code in order to enter it into the lockbox at that time.

Still having trouble with your SentriLock lockbox? Please complete the SentriLock lockbox troubleshooting questionnaire. We'll ask some quick questions to better understand the problem and hopefully provide the steps to resolve the problem. If the issue cannot be solved by the suggestions in the form, you will be asked to provide more information and our team will help troubleshoot.

Note: A SentriLock battery adaptor is required to troubleshoot mechanical malfunctions of SentriLock (Generation 3) lockboxes. We are unable to provide a free battery adaptor kit, even if your SentriLock lockbox is under warranty. Please consider purchasing at least one battery kit to have on hand for your office. If you need to purchase a battery adaptor kit, please contact our Tenant Turner Support Team.

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