CodeBox vs. SentriLock lockboxes

Which electronic lockbox is right for you?

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For current pricing information, visit the Add-Ons page in your account.

All lockbox sales are final.

Both CodeBox lockboxes and SentriLock lockboxes (Generation 3 and Generation 4 SentriGuards) work with Tenant Turner's automated scheduling software. We will send qualified leads, vendors, and agents codes via text so they can access the key inside. But which lockbox is right for your business?

Please note: A minimum of two lockboxes are required per order. The CodeBox and SentriLock monthly service will apply to each lockbox in your Tenant Turner account regardless of usage.

It comes down to whether you'd like to try out a lightweight electronic lockbox option that may require more maintenance, or make an investment in boxes that let you "set it and forget it." You can purchase both lockboxes directly from your Account > Add-ons page. 

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