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The SentriGuard lockbox: what's new?
The SentriGuard lockbox: what's new?
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SentriLock's 4th Generation lockbox model, SentriGuard, is now available to purchase through Tenant Turner. Our software is still fully compatible with the existing SentriLock (Generation 3) lockboxes, and the two are very similar in how they work. A few key differences are highlighted below:

The new SentriGuard boxes have:

  • LONGER WARRANTY: 10-year warranty (compared to 6 years for the SentriLock Generation 3 lockboxes)

  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE: The SentriGuard lockbox battery uses the latest in advanced battery technology, consuming significantly less power during operation, extending usable battery life to up to 10 years.

  • NO BATTERY ADAPTER NEEDED: With battery life formulated to work up to 10 years, it’s designed to be nearly maintenance free. But if needed, there is a built-in battery backup that will enable you to change the batteries.

  • MORE DURABLE: Engineered with a high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel vault.

  • IMPROVED SHACKLE: A stronger, more secure shackle that is built to last.

  • EXTRA LARGE KEY BIN: A pry resistant, bigger key compartment that opens from the bottom and accommodates various types of keys (key cards, key fobs, skeleton keys, etc.).

SentriGuard® Lockbox Lease* - OneKey MLS

All lockbox sales are final.

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