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How do I use the SentriLock Generation 4 lockbox auxiliary battery
How do I use the SentriLock Generation 4 lockbox auxiliary battery

Engage the SentriGuard backup battery to power the lockbox.

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Note: If you're changing the batteries in a Sentrilock Generation 3 lockbox, please follow the instructions in the article for that here.

If your SentriGuard (SentriLock Generation 4) lockbox has lost power you can engage the auxiliary battery to remove the lockbox from a property and/or obtain the key. Below are steps on how to use the auxiliary battery. A dead SentriGuard lockbox battery can be submitted for a warranty replacement. To submit for a replacement lockbox, complete the SentriLock Troubleshooting Form.

1. Engage the auxiliary battery

  • Press ‘ENT’ on the lockbox.

  • If nothing occurs, take a pen or a small object and use it to press the center button on the lockbox. You can find it beneath the SentriLock logo and just above the keypad. This button is situated in the middle of a set of three buttons. Press for two seconds and then release.

  • The LEDs on either side will flicker and this indicates the backup battery is engaged

2. Release the shackle and/or open the key door.

  • Log in to Tenant Turner and go to the Access page to 'Get Code'.

  • Select the type of code you need to generate (one-time code or shackle code).

  • Enter the generated code into the keypad of the lockbox.

  • Repeat with a different code type, if necessary.

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