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CodeBox lockbox Instructional Video
CodeBox lockbox Instructional Video

Step-by-step instructions on how to use a Codebox lockbox for secure self-access to a property

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Send this instructional video to your leads, property owners, or just watch on your own to better understand how CodeBox lockbox self-access appointments work.

How to access a Codebox with Tenant Turner:

  1. Schedule a viewing through Tenant Turner

  2. Confirm your scheduled appointment by replying to the email or text you receive

  3. During your appointment time, follow the self access instructions provided to get the code for the lockbox

  4. Enter the access code on the lockbox keypad

  5. Press the word "CodeBox" on the front of the lockbox and release to open the key compartment

Please note:

  • If a lead arrives 90 mins before or after their scheduled appointment time, Tenant Turner will not provide the lead with their access code.

  • We will also not provide a lead with their access code if they arrive before or after the Self-Access timeframe that is indicated under your Account Settings (i.e 8am-9pm).

Click here to watch  (run time 1:29)

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