You received a shiny new CodeBox lockbox in the mail, and you're wondering what to do with it. Am I right?

What is a CodeBox lockbox?

First, let's get clear on what that CodeBox lockbox is: it's an electronic lockbox that can be attached to your rental and, in conjunction with Tenant Turner, can provide a one-time use code to tenant leads and either a persisting or one-time use code to vendors. The one-time use codes are only good for the day for which they were generated--so it's critical the date and time are set correctly on the CodeBox lockbox.

Getting Started Checklist

 Enable CodeBox self-access viewings on your account.

Go to the Account Settings page and in the Viewings section turn on Self-Access Viewings and CodeBox. Select a viewing approval method and at your option you can require each lead to upload a photo ID before scheduling.

 Unpack your CodeBox lockbox.

Keep the small CodeBox-branded box your lockbox is in. You'll want to store your CodeBox in this box when it's not in use so that the buttons are not accidentally compressed, which could drain the battery.

 Get your codes.

From the Codebox lockbox page in Tenant Turner you can see your shackle and vendor/door codes. To get the admin/agent code for the CodeBox lockbox, click Settings under the serial number in question which will take you to the page where you can see and manage all of the persistent codes programmed into the lockbox (if you change the codes in Tenant Turner you must also make the corresponding change on the CodeBox lockbox itself).

 Test your CodeBox lockbox.

Your CodeBox lockbox comes setup for you, but it's a good idea to test the lockbox before use. To test the lockbox you'll need the codes listed on the CodeBox lockbox page:

  1. Use the shackle code to check that the shackle opens and locks. Let the screen go blank.

  2. Check the current date and time by pressing 5555<ENTER>. The current time will appear on the screen. Let the screen go blank.

  3. Test a one-time use code by using the Action button next to the corresponding serial number on the CodeBox lockbox page to get a one-time use code and enter it, followed by the <ENTER> button.

 Shackle the CodeBox lockbox to one of your rentals.

Write down which serial number you put on each rental--you'll need this information in the next step. Use the shackle code to open the shackle. Warning: Your CodeBox lockbox is an electronic device that is water-resistant but not waterproof. Place the CodeBox lockbox under awnings or behind storm doors and avoid putting it in the path of sprinklers.

 Assign the CodeBox lockbox to your rental in Tenant Turner.

You'll need to update the rental settings for that rental to enable CodeBox self-access viewings and pick the serial number you put on the rental.

  1. In Tenant Turner, click on the rental.

  2. Click on the Settings tab that appears beneath the address.

  3. Scroll down to the Viewings section.

  4. Turn on self-access viewings and select the Viewing Type "CodeBox." Pick the serial number from the dropdown. Choose your desired Viewing Approval method. See the screenshot below.

  5. Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

That's it! Now tenant leads will have the choice to schedule a CodeBox lockbox viewing.

What happens when a tenant lead schedules a CodeBox lockbox viewing?

When a tenant lead has a scheduled CodeBox lockbox viewing, we email and text him/her the viewing instructions. Those instructions do not include the code at that time, but rather tell the lead to go to the rental and reply back with the serial number written on the CodeBox lockbox. When the lead sends the serial number, and provided we confirm the lead has an appointment for that day, we reply back with the 4-digit one-time use code to get in.

Why the extra step of sending the serial number? We do this so that we know the lead is at the rental. If you have CodeBox lockbox access notifications turned on, this is when we send that notification, and we update the Lockbox Access Report to show the lead went to the viewing. The CodeBox lockbox itself is not connected to any communications service and therefore cannot send out message saying the code was used or not.

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