When purchasing CodeBox lockboxes, you have the option to purchase either the CodeBox Jr lockbox size or the CodeBox Sr lockbox size. Below we'll review the differences so you can decide which option is best for you!


CodeBox Jr $85 purchase + $2.50 per month service fee per lockbox

CodeBox Sr $95 purchase + $2.50 per month service fee per lockbox

Differences between CodeBox Jr and CodeBox Sr lockboxes:

  • Key Compartment - CodeBox Jr can hold 2-3 single keys (no additional key tags or fobs) that rest above the battery compartment. CodeBox Sr can hold multiple keys and keyring. We recommend the Jr unless you specifically need the additional key space offered by the Sr.

  • Battery cover - CodeBox Jr has a plastic battery cover vs. a rubber battery cover with the CodeBox Sr.

  • Button size - CodeBox Sr buttons are larger and more spaced out than the CodeBox Jr buttons.

  • Each CodeBox lockbox order includes lithium-ion battery, setup, and shipping.

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