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CodeBox lockbox: 'Welcome to your Tour!' infographic for rentals
CodeBox lockbox: 'Welcome to your Tour!' infographic for rentals

Help leads utilize and access a rental's CodeBox lockbox by posting our instructional infographic at your self-access rental properties.

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Once a lead confirms a scheduled self-access showing appointment, we will send them instructions via text message on how to obtain the one-time code for access at the time of their appointment. You also have the ability to include custom showing instructions, but sometimes tenant leads need a little more guidance on how to utilize the lockbox to access the rental for their appointment.

Note: Here is an article for more information on the showing instructions feature.

To better assist leads in utilizing a CodeBox lockbox, you can download our "Welcome to your Tour" infographic to post at your self-access rentals for leads to reference, if needed!

Note: If a lead arrives 90 mins before or after their scheduled appointment time, Tenant Turner will not provide the lead with their access code. We will also not provide a lead with their access code if they arrive before or after the Self-Access timeframe that is indicated under your Account Settings (i.e 8am-9pm).

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