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Change the settings on a CodeBox lockbox as the administrator
Change the settings on a CodeBox lockbox as the administrator

Use the persistent admin/agent code to access and update the settings on the CodeBox lockbox.

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Please note: The admin/agent code is powerful. Do not give the admin/agent code to tenant leads or the real estate agents representing them. The "agent" in "agent code" is for agents of your organization.

With the CodeBox lockbox in hand, you're ready to change the settings:

  1. Key in the admin/agent code followed by <ENTER>.

  2. You'll see the current time setting scroll across the screen.

  3. Wait 5 seconds until the screen says Select CMD: at the top.

  4. Press the key corresponding with the setting you want to change.

You will need your 6-digit admin/agent code to update your lockbox's date, time, and other settings. You can find your vendor/door code by clicking Access from the main menu then on the CodeBox lockbox page; click on the SETTINGS link for the serial number of the CodeBox you want to administer.

The admin/agent code will show along with the other persistent codes. (If your codes don't show here, you most likely purchased your CodeBox lockbox from someone else and you haven't yet recorded these codes in Tenant Turner.)

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