Grant access to all lockboxes

Use Authorized Contacts to grant vendors and team members access to all of your SentriLock or CodeBox lockboxes.

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How authorized users get codes for your lockboxes:

  1. Someone from your team adds the authorized user to your Tenant Turner account on the Access page -> Authorized Contacts tab

  2. Tenant Turner sends a text message to the new authorized user

  3. The authorized user replies to the text with the serial number of a lockbox

  4. Tenant Turner replies to the text with a code for them to use that day only

  5. The authorized user saves the phone number to text for future codes to your lockboxes

The Authorized Contacts page shows you vendors and/or team members who can access any of your SentriLock or CodeBox lockboxes.

Add an authorized contact

  1. Click the orange Add Authorized Contact button near the top-right of the page.

  2. Enter the person's name, company name, mobile phone number, and select "One-time Code" for the type of code. The "One-time Code" option sends a new one-time use code each time the authorized contact attempts to access one of your SentriLock or CodeBox lockboxes.

  3. Click the SAVE button to add the Authorized Contact.

Note: If you select Door Code from the options and you are using Codebox lockboxes, the Authorized Contacts will be sent your static door code. SentriLock lockboxes do not operate with any sort of static codes (i.e door codes). They will only operate with one-time codes.

We will then send a text message to the vendor or team member with instructions on how to access your SentriLock or Codebox lockboxes.

Tip: Tell your Authorized Contacts to save the phone number that they receive this text message from as a contact in their phone.

Here is an example of the text message we send:

Remove an authorized contact

If you no longer want an Authorized Contact to have access to your rentals you can click 'Settings' under their profile and then click the trashcan to remove access.

Feel free to share the article "Self Access Lockboxes: Help for vendors" with your vendors if they need a guide for the process themselves!

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