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Connecting PointCentral and Tenant Turner
Connecting PointCentral and Tenant Turner

Connect PointCentral keyless locks with Tenant Turner’s scheduling for a seamless self-access experience.

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While Tenant Turner does not sell PointCentral locks, we are able to integrate with them for your showings! The below will help you get your locks connected for use.

1. Create a Tenant Turner user in PointCentral. This acts like the key to connect your PointCentral account to Tenant Turner. The username that is created should be descriptive. For example, companyname-TenantTurner-Admin, or something similar.

2. Once login credentials are created, an Administrator will need to add them into your Tenant Turner Account > Settings:

  • Turn on Self-Access Viewings

  • Turn on the option for PointCentral

  • Enter the PointCentral login credentials

  • Customize any settings if you'd like, click Save at the bottom of the page

3. Create your access locations (one for each rental property) in PointCentral.

These access location will show up on the Access page in Tenant Turner. Use the import button in the upper right corner to pull in your access locations.

4. Access locations will also be made available to assign to specific rental properties. To do that:

  • Click into the Rental > Settings

  • Turn on Self-Access Viewings

  • Select the PointCentral viewing type

  • Select the PointCentral Location

  • Customize any settings if you'd like, click Save at the bottom of the page

Now you're ready to offer self-access viewings with PointCentral locks scheduled through Tenant Turner! If you have any questions at all about your setup, please email

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