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Help for renters: Self access viewings
Help for renters: Self access viewings

What to expect leading up to your scheduled self access appointment!

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Attention Real Estate Agents: Here is an article with details specific to Real Estate Agents and Sentrilock self access viewings.

Summary of the steps needed:

  1. Answer the pre-qualification questions for the rental

  2. Select the viewing appointment

  3. Tenant Turner sends you an appointment confirmation request

  4. You will need to reply to the email or text confirming the appointment

  5. Tenant Turner sends you the viewing instructions

  6. You arrive at the rental during the appointment time and follow the instructions received for how to get a code

  7. Tenant Turner gives you the code

  8. Once you complete the viewing, you will be sent a request for feedback and an application link

Self access viewings offer the ability to view a home at your convenience! This guide will show what the process looks like leading up to the viewing of your new home!

Step 1: You have pre-qualified and scheduled your viewing for your new home. Hooray! Time for the fun part.

Step 2: It is almost time to see the property! Tenant Turner will reach out to you asking to for you to confirm that you still plan on going to the home at your scheduled appointment time. This can be via email like this:

Or via text message like this:

Note: To confirm via text, you must reply with the confirmation code we send. If you respond with the word "confirm" or "confirmado", or even "C" we can still recognize that, and our system marks the appointment as confirmed.

Step 3: The time has come for your appointment! After you confirm your appointment, you will receive instructions for the next steps telling you to reply to the text chain with the lockbox serial number when you arrive at the property. Here is what that message will look like:

You will then need to respond with only the digits of the serial number found on the lockbox. Here is an example of what that text message should look like:

Note: If you respond with anything other than the digits of the lockbox serial number, you will not receive the code to enter the home.

Step 4: Once you finish viewing the home, turn off all the lights, lock the doors, and secure the key back in the lockbox! You will receive a text message shortly after your appointment asking for feedback and then a separate message with the link to apply for the home. Below is what the feedback message looks like:

You will need to reach out to the property management company directly for assistance or questions. If you’re not sure who that is, please reference the signature on your last email:

Note: If you need help getting a self access lockbox code on the web page, please see this article.

Additional help for self access viewings:

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