SentriLock lockboxes (holds multiple keys) are $125 per lockbox.

Note: A minimum of two lockboxes are required for each order.

Each SentriLock lockbox includes lithium-ion battery, setup, shipping and a 6-year warranty.

In addition, each SentriLock lockbox purchased will incur a $5 SentriLock service fee charged monthly to your Tenant Turner account.

Note: The SentriLock monthly service fee will apply to each lockbox in your Tenant Turner account regardless of usage.

You can order SentriLock lockboxes from your Add-ons page in Tenant Turner. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for shipment.

Note: You must have payment information added on the Billing page in Tenant Turner to be able to order SentriLock lockboxes. Once you add payment information, you'll see the option to buy SentriLock lockboxes.


Will I be charged $5 for a SentriLock lockbox I didn't use during the month?
Yes, you will be charged the $5 SentriLock monthly service fee each month per SentriLock lockbox serial number in your account whether or not it was attached to a rental or if any codes were actually generated for it in that month. SentriLock charges us in the same manner.

Can I purchase the lockboxes directly from SentriLock?
No. SentriLock lockboxes would need to be purchased through Tenant Turner.
See article about SentriLock lockbox transfers.

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