Administrative users in Tenant Turner now have more flexibility and control over your Tenant Turner billing allowing for:

  • adding and managing payment methods, including bank draft

  • updating the email address for payment receipts

  • referencing and downloading payment receipts and invoices

Payment methods and billing email address:

On the billing page of your account, Administrative users can now add additional payment methods including multiple credit cards and bank draft. You can even mark a specific payment method as a default payment method for your monthly invoices. Additionally, each credit card that is on file will be available to chose from for lockbox purchases!

The Billing email address for where we will send payment receipts to can now be managed and updated by Admin users as well.

Payment History:

Need to reference past invoices and payment receipts? Payment and purchase dates are hyperlinked for easy reference. This will also help Administrative users see their Tenant Turner billing breakdown to better understand the software subscription vs. monthly lockbox service fees and add-on features.


Looking for more information about Tenant Turner add-ons? Check out this article for more information!

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