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Help for vendors: Self access lockboxes
Help for vendors: Self access lockboxes

You have been added as an authorized contact for self access lockboxes. Now What?

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Attention Real Estate Agents: Here is an article with details specific to Real Estate Agents and Sentrilock self access viewings.

Self access lockboxes allow you access a property without the property manager having to meet you there. This guide will show what that process looks like.

Step 1: The property manager will add you as an Authorized Contact in their Tenant Turner account.

Step 2: Tenant Turner will text you instructions on what to do when you get to the property. Here is a screenshot of the text you will receive:

Step 3: When you get to the property, reply to the text message you received with the serial number from the top of the lockbox.

Note: If you respond with anything other than the digits of the lockbox serial number, you will not receive the code to enter the home.

Step 4: You will receive a text with a code to enter into the lockbox. Use the keypad on the lockbox to enter the code and then press the ENT button. The key compartment will then open for you to get the key out!

Step 5: Unless otherwise instructed, when you are finished at the property be sure to turn off any necessary lights, lock the door behind you, and secure the key back in the lockbox. If your access code has expired, follow the instructions again to generate a new access code.

Note: You can save the phone number in your contacts as the “lockbox access” number for that Property Management company. In the future, when you need to access a lockbox for that company, just text the lockbox serial number to that phone number to receive an access code.

Please contact the property manager if you have additional questions!

Note: If you need help getting a self access lockbox code on the web page, please see this article.

Additional help for self access viewings:

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