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Help for renters: Access lockbox codes from a web page
Help for renters: Access lockbox codes from a web page

You've arrived for your your self access viewing appointment! Now what?

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Attention Real Estate Agents: Here is an article with details specific to Real Estate Agents and Sentrilock self access viewings.

Quick summary of how this process will work:

  • Prequalify for the rental

  • Schedule the self access viewing appointment

  • Reply to the confirmation email or text for the scheduled appointment

  • You are sent the viewing instructions

  • Arrive at the rental during the appointment time and click the link that states 'Get Code' shown in the last email

  • Allow access to your device's location for the viewing

  • Receive the code

Detailed break down of the steps needed to get the code:

  • As soon as you confirm your scheduled viewing, you receive an email like the one below:

  • When you click the "Get Code" button, you are prompted to enter the serial number you see on the lockbox.

  • You must allow the website page to use you location. When you see a popup like the one below, you must click Allow in order to get the code.

  • If you allow their location to be shared, and if the serial number was correct, then you will see the access code on the page!

IMPORTANT: If you accidentally deny location access but still want to get the one-time code, you will need to reset your device's location settings. Instructions for how to reset location settings can be found here: Reset location permissions on a computer or mobile device.

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