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Get notified when someone accesses a CodeBox lockbox or SentriLock lockbox

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In addition to keeping a log of who arrived at a CodeBox, Sentrilock, or iglooworks lock and having the user for the rental receive an email notification of access automatically, you can also have an additional team member receive an access notification.

To notify an additional team member, you can add the email address to the CodeBox lockboxes or SentriLock lockboxes in Tenant Turner.

  1. Locate the electronic lockbox or smart lock that you want to set notifications for on the Access tab and click the SETTINGS button.

  2. In the Email Notifications field, enter the email address that you want to receive access notifications, and then press +. That will send an email for the user to confirm they want to receive the notification. Add additional emails.

  3. Click the SAVE button.

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